Tilthy Rich Compost

How much to pay?

When deciding what you're going to pay for our composting service, please consider that there is more to it than meets the eye. Beyond biking around doing our collections, we also invest time into research, returning the compost, working on our website, and political organization and advocacy. In order to pay ourselves a reasonable wage for the work we do, we must charge a minimum fee of $25 for our service. At the $25/subscriber level, we are able to pay for the necessary tools we need as well as pay our riders, and those who process the compost (apart from the worms... they work for free... sort of). The more you can support beyond $25, the more you will fuel the growth of the business and the overall impact in your community, so please help how you can! Your support enables us to:

  • conserve fossil fuels (continue to use the bike during expansion instead of an automobile)
  • insure our riders
  • create more local, active, healthy jobs
  • dedicate time and resources to education, advocacy, and growth