Tilthy Rich Compost

Frequently Asked Questions


Stay tilthy by reading these frequently asked questions.

What is composting?

Composting is essentially the recycling of food scraps (egg shells, meat bones, rotten vegetables, etc.). Food scraps are put in the soil where they are broken down by worms and bacteria into essential nutrients. The result is a nutrient dense soil (also known as compost) which can then be used for growing new crops. Once the new crops are grown and ready to eat, the cycle is complete!

Why should I compost?

By composting, Americans can reduce landfill waste by over 25%. Not only does this save landfill space, this drastically reduces methane production, a greenhouse gas 25 times more damaging to our environment than carbon dioxide. Read more reasons why composting is amazing here.

How does composting work? 

Think of the recipe like a large crock pot. Food scraps and grass clippings are good nitrogen sources; mulch, straw, or leaves are good carbon sources. Mix carbon and nitrogen in equal parts while providing good air circulation and enough water, and in just a few days to weeks, bacteria will start breaking down everything. Flipping and stirring the pile helps keep good air flow for the bacteria. Soon, with minimal time and effort, your food scraps and some lawn clippings will break down into nutrient-rich treasure.

So what does "tilthy" mean?

It is a term used to describe insanely rich soil, loaded with nutrients. Good soil is often called 'rich' soil -- if you want to go an extra step, call it 'tilthy' soil. That's what we think, anyways.

What happens after my bucket is picked up? 

The food scraps eventually make their way to Goldston, where they are processed into compost by one of our partners, Brooks Contracting. Their composting occurs at a much higher volume than we could manage by ourselves, so we can be very flexible with what items we can accept.

Okay. What do you accept?

See the list here!

I read that y'all can bring us compost soil twice a year. How can I get soil?

Send us an email! We will have four gallons of compost soil delivered to you within a week of your request. You may receive compost up to twice over any 365 day period, and may receive your first batch four months after signing up.

One bucket isn't enough for my food scraps. Can I have a second one?

Yes, but we would need to increase your minimum monthly contribution to $25 in order to service an additional bucket.  The extra cost helps cover the additonal wage we would pay our riders, as well as increased supply costs.

Maggots are swarming my bucket! Help!

Unfortunately, especially in the summer heat, pests like maggots are very difficult to avoid. (They are a sign of the nutrients we are trying to keep out of the landfills!) In general, keeping your scraps out of the sun and in cooler places will limit the bugs. If you have freezer space, leaving your fresh food scraps in a bag in the freezer doesn't smell and will limit the time the food spends outside in the heat. Our riders will also be thorough in cleaning the buckets to keep the pests down. Finally, if you have a loose-fitting lid, please send us an email and we'll swap your lid out with a tighter fitting one.

What happens if my bucket is missed?

We ask our subscribers to leave their buckets out the night before their scheduled collection day. If the buckets are placed outside the night before, but our rider never stops by, then please send us an email the very next day and we will come by to make up the collection. In some cases, the rider stops by, but searches for and doesn't see the bucket. The rider will then record the time of the missed bucket and an email will be sent to the subscriber shortly after the rider finishes his or her route. If the bucket was there but the rider did not see it, please email us the next day and we will make up the collection, and work with you to make sure our rider can find the bucket next time. If the bucket simply wasn't outside at the time the rider stopped by, we cannot make up the collection (see next question!).

If I forget to leave my bucket outside, can you come by and pick it up the next day?

In order to maintain an affordable service, we need to be very efficient about our collection, and unfortunately cannot return the following day for collection when the bucket is not out the night before (much like city recycling service). We really appreciate your understanding and compliance with this policy.

More questions? We're happy to answer! Send your inquiries to info@tilthyrichcompost.com.