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CompostNow and Tilthy Rich Compost Join Forces in Starving Landfills

“Tilthy Rich Compost and CompostNow have been strategizing for years on how to work more powerfully together in the Triangle,” says Chris Russo, Founder of Tilthy Rich Compost. “After Kat Nigro (Kat)alyzed [sic] substantial growth in 2015 joining TRC, it became clear that merging efforts was the best play for the movement and the individuals involved. I’m proud of what we built and glad to see CompostNow carry the torch of our efforts with a strengthened team of dedicated and passionate change makers.

Those Pesky Produce Stickers!

The stickers you find on produce include some important information about the product at hand: how much it costs, whether it was grown organically, if it was grown with GMOS or if it was produced with chemical fertilizers. After you leave the grocery store, however, the stickers (which are coated in plastic and glue) usually become nothing more than landfill waste. 

We're featured in the Indy Weekly!

We're featured in an Indy Weekly article covering the compost movement in the Triangle. Take a peek and see how we're pedaling our way toward a reality where every household in Durham composts their food scraps!


Throw a Zero Waste Party!

Find out ways you can throw a zero-waste party!

Tilthy Rich Celebration Ride!

For the last 4 years, we’ve been pedaling away your food scraps from all over Durham. Together, we’ve composted more than 210,000 lbs of food scraps, helped create thousands of pounds of healthy soil, and avoided around 100 tons of CO2 emissions in the process. We’ve starved landfills, built 18 community partnerships, and assembled a team of 14 of the best food scrap hustlers you've ever laid eyes on. We’ve started compost sites at 4 local community gardens and donated our compost services to < 20 different events. And we’ve done it all BY BICYCLE.

Operations Internship Opportunity


We are currently seeking applicants for an operations internship position. This is a 4-week unpaid internship program. The intern is expected to work 4 hours per week.

Outreach/Marketing Internship Opportunity

We are currently seeking applicants for an outreach/marketing internship position. This is a 8-week unpaid internship program. The intern is expected to work 5-10 hours per week.

Win 3 Free Months!

You can win 3 FREE months of our compost service in 3 easy steps:

1. SNAP a picture of your Tilthy Rich compost bucket
2. POST your picture on social media with a caption of why you love to compost!
3. TAG Tilthy Rich Compost to be entered in the drawing

Meet Your Rider - BobQ

Meet Bob! Bob has been a vital part of our team since we can even remember. As our most experienced rider, Bob wears many hats (and not just the contruction hat he wears on routes). He diligently repairs our bikes, keeps our equipment as good as new and helps make sure operations run smoothly. Bob's a big proponent of reuse and building/repairing things with materials already available. He often builds bikes from scratch using parts found at the Durham Bike Co-op. You can find him biking our hardest and hilliest route in the Forest Hills/Tuscaloosa area or building your favorite solar and pedal hybrid vehicle. From growing up on a farm in New York to his stint in the military to his volunteer days at Habitat for Humanity, you're bound to learn something interesting and valuable from him!