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What We Do

Our mission is to empower Durham to sustainably reduce its waste by diverting food scraps from the landfill to a local composting facility in order to produce healthy, vibrant, living soil for local use.

We affordably service households, apartments, condos and more. Sign up now to join our weekly collection service of residential food scraps by bicycle.

If you are a restaurant, cafe, or other kind of business we also service you! Please contact us for a free consultation. We will work together to develop a compost plan that fits your needs.

Our Story

Tilthy Rich Compost was born out of necessity. Durham’s urban agriculture movement and resulting zone changes were taking hold in early 2013. Many people, including top-level city governing officials, worked together to bring urban agriculture to Durham. However, the crucial component of resource recycling through composting was largely lacking in the conversation. "Farm-to-table" is now commonplace, but what about "table-to-farm"? Chris Russo, with great support and effort of many others, sought to change this.

Our goal is to change norms around what is considered waste. Through composting we expand the meaning of “local food” and recycling. We aim to make composting accessible to everyone, and a common practice in the city of Durham. It is a crucial step toward creating a more sustainable city.

How it Works

Residential Services

See commercial services


sign up here. We deliver a bucket to your front door in a jiffy.


collect the contents of your bucket weekly, clean your bucket and leave you with a clean liner


receive nutrient dense vermi-compost twice annually.


feel good about your choice to responsibly deal with your food scraps and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same

Commercial Services

See residential services


visit your business/restaurant to assess your wants and needs for a composting system, propose a monthly cost for collection to which you indubitably oblige, and we provide you receptacles for your organics.


collect the contents of your tote(s), and leave you shiny clean ones.


have the option to receive a bi-annual return of compost. We also feature you on our website as a partner, and blow you up on social media


support a growing trend in Durham of waste reduction, diversion, and accountability and your people love you for it.

Why compost?

  • To tighten the nutrient loop: Compost recycles vital food nutrients back into soil to be used again, and again.
  • To divert landfill waste: Compost saves precious landfill space and reduces destructive methane production (22 times more potent greenhouse gas than CO2)
  • To conserve transportation resources: Your food scraps are no longer shipped to a far away landfill
  • To rejuvenate local soils: Tightens the local food movement one more step by creating a “table to farm” loop.

Why compost with us?

  • We bike: That’s awesome!
  • We manage the process: Monthly recurring payments are hassle free. All you have to do is put your food scraps into your bucket!
  • We keep the loop local: We make sure your food scraps are responsibly turned into nutrient dense compost. Table to compost garden. These nutrients are precious!
  • We advocate: We work with the city and local businesses towards developing a municipal composting system here in Durham.
  • We create Durham jobs: As more households and restaurants sign up, we hire more people.



What we do accept?

  • Food & Food Prep Scraps
  • Fruit, vegetable (trimmings, rotten ones)
  • Coffee and tea (including bags and filters if they’re paper)
  • Bread, pasta, prepared foods
  • Eggshells
  • All food, including meat, bones, and dairy
  • Food-soiled Paper
  • Paper towels from the kitchen area
  • Paper cups, plates and napkins
  • Pizza boxes, waxed paper
  • Corn-based Cups, Utensils & Bags
  • Dead plants, bouquets

What we don't accept?

  • Bad attitudes
  • Plastics of any kind (containers, wraps, bags, takeout coffee lids)
  • Metals, including forks and foil
  • Rubber bands, latex gloves
  • Large amounts of oil
What goes in the bucket?

Zero-hassle compost
services starting at just

$25 a month

Food Scraps are not Waste!

We are dedicated to advancing the process of composting in the Triangle. We work with incredible local organizations CompostNow and Brooks Contractor as well as consult with other operations nationwide. Every dollar you spend with us will be dedicated to advancing the local food (recovery) movement and composting specifically, whether it be for local advocacy, paying living wages to our employees or creating the most efficient process for our subscribers.


How much waste do Americans create annually?

An astounding 250 million tons of waste every year heads to landfills nationwide.

How much of that waste is compostable?

Over 40%!

Where does Durham’s waste go?

Roseboro, NC. Well over 100 miles away

What can we compost with TRC?

Everything edible! As well as these items